Funding Agency: World Bank Client: Power Sector Reform and Sustainable Hydropower Development Project (PSRSHDP)/ Upper Arun Hydroelectric Project (NEA), Nepal Date: July 2018 – Jan 2020 Project components to be covered by this assignment includes the following: S.N Project Component Capacity or Configuration 1 Upper Arun HEP 335 MW 2  Ikuwa Khola HEP  30 MW […]

Funding Agency: Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and Government of Nepal Client: Office of the Millennium Challenge Nepal Date: July 2018 – Oct 2019 The objective of Electricity Transmission Project (“ETP”) is to increase per capita electricity consumption by improving the availability and reliability of electricity supply in Nepal’s electricity grid and facilitating power trade. To […]

Funding Agency: : Asian Development Bank (ADB) with co-financing from Norway and loan from European Investment Bank Client:Environment and Social Studies Department, Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal Date: Dec 2017 – Jun 2025 The Project involves safeguard implementation and Monitoring of following project components: Phase-I Projects: Kali Gandaki Corridor (Dana-Kusma) 220 kV transmission lines and associated […]

Funding Agency: Government of Nepal Client:Upper Arun Hydroelectric Project, Engineering Services Directorate, NEA, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu Date: February 2018 – May 2023 The main features of the project are: 24 KM long access road that starts from Gola (proposed powerhouse site of UAHEP, near Barun Bazar)to Chepuwa (proposed dam site of UAHEP)including about 7 km long […]

Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank Client: Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal Date: October 2017 – October 2019 The Government of Nepal has a policy of providing all district headquarters with grid electricity as soon as practicable and of providing electricity to all the households by 2027. A clear policy on priorities and an execution plan for rural […]

Funding Agency: The World Bank Client:Nepal Electricity Authority, Environment and Social Studies Department Date: Feb 2017 – Aug 2017 Kali Gandaki A Hydro Power Plant (KGAHPP) is the largest plant in operation in Nepal commissioned in 2002. The development objectives of the Kali Gandaki A Hydropower Plant Rehabilitation Project for Nepal are to improve the […]

Funding Agency: : KfW Development Bank Client: Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal Date: July 2017 – Sept 2017 The project consists of two substations (one existing one in Lekhnath, Pokhara, which will be expanded and a new substation in Damauli) as well as about 40 km of 220 kV transmission line in-between. Also there is one […]

Funding Agency: Government of Nepal Client: Department of Electricity Development (DoED), Nepal Date: July 2016 – Jan 2019  Rupagad Khola HP is located in Majphal and Dunai VDCs in Dolpa district of Mid-Western Development Region. The proposed headwork site is approximately 5 km South-East of Juphal Airport. The proposed intake site of the project lies […]

Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank Client: Department of Irrigation, Nepal Date: Aug 2013 – Apr 2015 MFLW Task 2 involved country level investigations, capacity building, and pilot testing in Bangladesh, India and Nepal to support the application of innovative and smart water efficient technologies and management systems in the design and implementation of ADB investments. […]

Funding Agency: WAPCOS Ltd. Client: WAPCOS Ltd. Date:  Sep 2016 – Feb 2017 Pancheshwar Multipurpose Project (PMP) is a joint project of Nepal and India proposed on the Mahakali River. The PMP comprised two major componentPancheshwar High Dam (PHD) – consisting 311 m high rock fill dam, a spillway, two underground powerhouses and associated structures. […]

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