Message From Chair Person

The consultancy service industry today transcends the traditional prescriptive approach to a modern collaborative approach of working together with clients and concerned partners/ stakeholders in assessing situations and needs and developing and implementing practical solutions. Whether YOU are a policy maker or an administrator or an executive of a project funding agency, or a project owner/ implementing/ executing agency or a partner consulting firm or an independent professional expert – you stand to benefit mutually when you hire, engage or work with TMS. These advantages or benefits to you result from TMS’s competitive edge built, maintained and sustained by its committed leadership and dedicated management team. The Company’s CEO, director, managers, and officers assume overall responsibility for the firm, association or joint ventures team coordination, management and delivery of output over the life of any assignment that is undertaken solely with partner firms. TMS has standard policies, procedures and instructions practices in place that promotes professionalism in the work place, interaction with clients and the outputs we produce and deliver, including dealing with any complaints concerning performance of staff or quality of report submitted for the consulting assignments. Internal controls are in place to address and resolve complaints and ensure compliance to requirements. In fact, following successful implementation of a Total Quality Management (TQM) development phase spanning 2011-12, the Company has recently been ISO 9001:2008 certified. TMS is a service provider guided by not only internationally accepted quality management principles, but also its own vision and values of sustainable human wellbeing. TMS believes and submits that “Polity, Society, Economy, Environment and Technology” constitute the five integral aspects or building blocks of “Sustainable Human Wellbeing”. We invite you to test and engage with us in creating value to benefit all clients and stakeholders involved in acquiring, providing and using professional consultancy services in planning and managing your development efforts. We assure you our best of services to fully meet your development consultancy services requirements and expectations.