Our Business values

Core Values
“Responsibility” beyond owners/shareholders towards stakeholders at large.
“Role” of supporting the national techno-socioeconomic development objectives through emphasis on innovation, productivity, justice and world community.
“Duty” of contributing to the global objective of “greening” or preserving environmental integrity by helping control pollution and prevention of the “climate change/environmental crisis” arising from uncontrolled human greed, consumerism and acquisitiveness.
“Integrity” in business practice with careful avoidance of stupid involvements and, in particular, illicit activities.
“Advocacy” of the rule of law beyond the letter of law.

Stakeholders Values
Serve” or satisfy clients and their development finance partner(s) requirements with quality delivery —on time, first time and every time.
“Treat” all people in the organization with dignity and a good work environment, support their competence development and recognize the value of their unique contribution.
“Encourage” executive management to accept, honor and respect its fiduciary duty to owners/shareholders/investors and to apply professional knowledge and diligence in order to secure sustained competitive return on their investments.
“Base” relationship with partners/collaborators/suppliers and professional associates or resource consultants on a shared recognition of the productive power of combined or team effort and of fair distribution or sharing the returns, rewards and risks.
“Recognize and respect” government’s, businesses’ and civil society’s obligation to one another and accordingly “support” pro-actively and within practical limits local communities’ legitimate aspirations and efforts at developing, enhancing and preserving their politically non-partisan, socio-cultural and environmental quality of life.