Access To Financial Services Survey – WB


Funding Agency/Client: The World Bank
Date:  Nov 2005-Nov 2006

The study would include a survey of Individuals (With Additional Information on Households and other household members) on access to financial services across the country.

The purpose of this consultancy was to carry out structured face to face interviews of households across Nepal. The World Bank was responsible for developing the questionnaire.

Specifically, the Consultant carried out the following activities under the supervision of a World Bank team:

  1. Sampling;
  2. Questionnaire development and translation;
  3. Testing and finalization of questionnaire;
  4. Selection of enumerators and training;
  5. Launching the study and ensuring cooperation;
  6. Arrangement of interviews and field work;
  7. Quality control, data entry and data delivery;
  8. Tabulations;

Overall Services provided by firm:

The Consultant was responsible for the overall management, planning, and supervision of the survey. That included planning and monitoring the field work, training of interviewers, supervision of interviewers, implementation of quality controls, validation and auditing of questionnaires, data punching and cleaning, and preparation of tabulations.