CMP II Assisting to implement visibility activities for Judiciary and Human Rights institutions in Nepal


Funding Agency: IBF International Consulting S.A.
Client: European Commision
Date:  Jan 2009 – Oct 2009

The overall objective of the program is to support the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), The Nepal Bar Association (NBA) and the Judiciary in the promotion of human rights and access to justice throughout the country. While the approach of the programme is to follow up and build on experience achieved within the sector to date, the implementation will seek to substantially ensure harmonization and close cooperation with all relevant parties, including donors and civil society organization.

The overall objective of the services is to assist the European Commission Delegation in Nepal with the implementation of all the visibility activities related to CMP II Project in relation with the Nepal Human Rights commission, the Nepal Bar Association, the Supreme Court, the National Judicial Academy and the Judiciary at large.

The Consultant will undertake all activities required to:

  • Prepare appropriate media material for local written media, radio and television and broadcast or disseminate.
  • Prepare documentary video for Supreme Court
  • Design, produce and distribute colour brochures, booklets and posters
  • Design and produce commercial broadcasts television and radio commercials
  • Prepare and place newspaper and magazine articles to publicise the existence and activities of the country’s human rights and justice sector institutions.

Overall Services provided by firm:

TMS was responsible for overall project i.e. Background research, Audience research, Strategy development, Propose commercials, visual and print media ,Produce television and radio commercials and newspaper, Broadcast commercials and distribute printed media.