Consultancy for Support and Supervision of the Spectrum Management and Monitoring System (FMDS-3) in MOIC – WB


Funding Agency/Client: Ministry of Information and Communications (MOIC)
Date:  June 2003 – Feb 2005

The main objectives of the project was to advice and assist Frequency Management Division, FMD (MOIC) in the successful modernization of Nepal’s spectrum management and monitoring function by providing support in the procurement and establishment of a modern radio spectrum management and monitoring system.

Key Activities:

  • Modernization or replacement of existing monitoring system & introduction of advanced mobile interference control systems (MICS);
  • Assessment of the need for and identification of the locations of unattended monitoring sites to support the monitoring/direction-finding (DF) activities of the MICS;
  • Attended fixed monitoring site locations;
  • Requirements for mobile automated spectrum usage measurement systems (ASMUS), including any direction-finding capability recommended for the initial implementation;
  • Data management and automation requirements, taking into account the necessary interfaces between the different agencies involved;
  • Personnel and training requirements in the operation, maintenance, servicing and development of the system;
  • Site building requirements (i.e. space required, environmental control, power requirements, etc.);
  • Identification of key success factors for ensuring sustainable and maximum use of spectrum management and monitoring equipment;
  • Preparation of complete set of tender documents;
  • Support the FMD (MOIC) in issuing the tender documents, evaluation of the bids, preparation of a recommendation to award the tendered, securing the World Bank’s no objection to the award, contract negotiation with the supplier, as well as in approving the supplier’s system design, supervision of system installation and issuance of system acceptance certificate;
  • Conduct month long training program for FMD staff in monitoring techniques, proper operation of the monitoring equipment procured under the project.

Key Components:

  • System Requirement;
  • Tender documents for Spectrum Management and Monitoring Equipment;
  • Support and Supervise Procurement of System;
  • Training arrangements.

Overall Services provided by firm:

TMS provided local expertise and logistic management/administrative support services. TMS was also responsible in supporting in preparing the tender documents and to make arrangements for carrying out the training programs.