Consulting Services for Preparation of Distribution System/ Rural Electrification Master Plan Grant No. 0397-NEP (EF) Contract No. DSMP/REMP-074/75


Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank
Client: Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal
Date: October 2017 – October 2019

The Government of Nepal has a policy of providing all district headquarters with grid electricity as soon as practicable and electricity to all households by 2027. A clear policy on priorities and an execution plan for rural electrification is required.

The overall objective of the assignment is to identify the least cost and economically viable means to reinforce, upgrade, and expand Nepal’s distribution system including on- and off-grid to achieve universal access to electricity by 2027. The master plan will include policy recommendations a comprehensive electrification and distribution augmentation program and detailed case studies.

The consultant provided the services covering a review of existing legislation, regulation, and policy relating to distribution system expansion and rural electrification and recommendations for enhancement and streamlining, development of planning process and prioritization criteria, data collection and preparation of demand forecasts, desktop identification and evaluation of areas for grid extension and areas for off-grid electrification, execution of sample physical and socio-economic surveys in selected un-electrified areas and preparation of standardized and sample designs, economic and financial analysis, identification of social and environmental safeguarding requirements, design of business models and promotion policy and consolidation of the master plan.

Actual services provided by the firm within the assignment:

The scopes of the consulting services will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Review of Existing Legislation, Regulation and Policy
  2. Develop a Planning Process and Prioritization Criteria
  3. Data Collection and Preparation of Demand Forecasts
  4. Desktop Identification and Evaluation of Area For Grid Extension And Areas For Off-Grid Electrification
  5. Execution of Sample Physical and Socio-economic Surveys in Selected Un-Electrified Areas
  6. Economic and Financial Analysis
  7. Identification Of Social And Environmental Safeguarding Requirements
  8. Design Of Business Models And Promotion Policy
  9. Consolidation of the Master Plan
  10. Coordination with Generation and Transmission Master Plan
  11. Capacity Building