Consulting Services of Middle Bhotekoshi Hydroelectric Project (102 MW)


Funding Agency: Chilime Hydropower Company Ltd., NEA and Public Share (General Public & Contributors of EPF)
Client: Madhya Bhotekoshi Jalavidyut Company Limited
Date: November 2012 – September 2019

The Middle Bhotekoshi Hydroelectric Project (102 MW) is a run-of-river scheme. The whole scheme is divided into three work sites: Head works Site – covering diversion weir, undersluice structure, Desanding basin, forebay and pressure conduit; Underground works – headrace tunnel, rock trap, surge tank, vertical shaft and lower horizontal penstock tunnel and construction audits; and, Powerhouse site – powerhouse, Access to emergency valve chamber, emergency valve chamber, switchyard and other auxiliaries. The head works site is in Marming VDC and the surge tank, penstock and powerhouse site in Gati VDC. The design discharge and gross head of the project are 50.8m3/sec at exceedance Q40 and 235m respectively. The head works consist of gated diversion weir with three numbers of gates of size 10 m wide and 7.4 m high and one number of undersluice of size 10 m wide and 9.4 m high, side intake structure; 100 m long, 13 m wide and 8.5 m high triple chamber desanding basin; forebay and 360 m long pressure conduit. The headrace tunnel is 7124 m long, out of which about 4274 m of the tunnel length (60% of total tunnel length) will be shotcrete lined and 2850 m of the tunnel length (40% of tunnel length) concrete lined. A cylindrical restricted orifice type of surge tank with 15 m diameter and 59 m height with 500 mm thick concrete lining is used in the project. Underground penstock is between surge tank and powerhouse. The total length of the penstock is 667 m. The powerhouse is semi-underground and 52 m (l) x 15 m (b) x 25.5 m (h) in dimension. The powerhouse will accommodate 3 units of Francis turbineof34 MW capacities each positioned in vertical axis providing the space for service bay. A 100 m long tailrace canal will discharge the tail-water back to the Bhotekoshi River. The annual salable generated energy of the project of 542.2 GWh and generated power from the project will be evacuated through newly constructing 4 km long 220 kV transmission line.

Overall Services provided:

The main goal of the consultant in this project is for construction management and construction supervision. The objectives of the consultancy services is to ensure that the Project constructed with a high degree of workmanship and materials, on schedule and within budget, in accordance with the specification and drawings of the construction and equipment contracts, to acceptable environmental standards and in accordance with Client’s requirements.

However, the detailed actual services provided by the consultant includes:

A.   Review & Finalizing of Procurement documents and assist the Employer in procurement of Contractors:

  1. Review and finalizing all the bidding documents prepared by client for the procurement of both EPC (Civil & Hydro mechanical) and Plant & Design Build (PDB) (Electromechanical) Contractors. Also, to assist the client in evaluation of Technical and Financial proposal for selection of Contractors.

B.   Review of Engineering and Detailed Design:

  1. Review of all design, drawings and technical documents submitted by Contractor, assist the client in writing contractual letters to contractor in case the design does not comply with the client’s requirements, etc.

C.   Supervision of Construction Activities:

  1. Program Schedule
  2. General Activities of Supervision Works
  3. Variations, Claims and Disputes
  4. Monitor Contracts Costs

D.  Project Management:

  1. Contract Procedures/ Contract Management
  2. Reports
  3. Monitor Environmental Requirements/ Environment Safeguards
  4. Project Relations
  5. Monitor Health and Safety
  6. Commissioning of the Works
  7. Review Operation and Maintenance Manuals
  8. Technology Transfer/ Capacity Building/ Training
  9. Other Assistance to the Client