Consulting Services to Koshi Bridge (Chatara) under Emergency Flood Damage Rehabilitation PROJECT - ADB GRANT NO. 0150- NEP(SF)


Funding Agency:
Client: ADB/ Government of Nepal, Ministry of Physical Planning and Works, Departments of Roads, Project Directorate
Date: Oct 2011 – Oct 2014

The Government of Nepal (GON) through the Ministry of Physical Planning and Works (MoPPW), Department of Roads (DOR) has prepared a Koshi River Bridge Project at Chatara with the grant assistance of the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The project will construct a 270 meter long Steel Truss Bridge over the Koshi River near Chatara. The bridge will have three symmetrical spans of steel truss and one jump span of plate girder. The abutments and one pier will have open foundation and the remaining piers will have cap and pile foundation with steel piles installed by dual rotary drilling, socketed into competent rock and infilled with reinforced concrete. Pile caps, piers, abutments and wing walls are of reinforced concrete. The objective of the project is to ensure alternate bridge to the present Koshi barrage on East – West Highway.

DOR has prepared the design of the bridge through the international consultants engaged in the ongoing ADB funded Road Connectivity Sector I Project.

The objective of this consulting service is to assist the DOR with the Supervision of Construction of the Koshi River Bridge and Approaches and to ensure that high quality construction is achieved in scheduled time period within budget and that the work is carried out in full compliance with the approved engineering designs, technical specifications within the terms and conditions of the contract documents and sound engineering practices.

Overall Services provided:

Korea Engineering Consultants Corporation (KECC), Seoul, Korea as lead partner with associate partners TMS and ERMC is responsible to provide following consulting services:

  1. Act as the Engineer to the Contract and assist the DOR to administer the execution of the construction contracts in accordance with the Conditions of Contract; prepare certificates of payments as required by the Contract; enter and maintain complete records of progress payments;
  2. Review and check the bridge design prepared by DOR;
  3. Carryout necessary adjustments in the design/drawing required during construction;
  4. Review and accept the Contractor’s work proposals, method statement, erection methodology, quality assurance system, safety procedures, calculation notes if any, geotechnical borehole data, structural details, working drawings, specifications, proposed construction materials, contingency plan, etc. to the extent required by the contract, advise modifications where necessary and approve these proposals;
  5. Prepare and issue regular progress and other reports;
  6. Supervise the Contractor’s work in all matters concerning safety and care of civil works including provision of necessary lights, guardrails, fencing and other necessary safety & security arrangements;
  7. Measure the completed works and keep detailed records of the measurement ;
  8. Inspect and supervise the day-to-day operations and activities of the contractor to ensure quality of workmanship and compliance with the contract;
  9. Supervise the environmental and social safeguards aspects of the contracts to ensure compliance with the environmental and social impact mitigation requirements of civil works contracts, including environmental management plan and land acquisition and resettlement action plan;
  10. Supervise the tests in the field / laboratory which will be provided and operated by the Contractor; review, analyze and justify the results;
  11. Supervise the necessary load test, analyze, and approve the works before opening the bridge for traffic;
  12. Carry out final inspections of the works and issue the taking over certificate and defects liability certificate;
  13. Provide any other specialized services as may be necessary and agreed upon with the employer;
  14. Comply with audit requirements of the Government;
  15. Analyze, assess and recommend claims and disputes.