Detailed Engineering Survey and Design and preparation of (DpR)of North-South Lokmarga Mahakali Corridor (Tanakpur- Jhulaghat-Darchula)


Funding Agency: Government of Nepal
Client: Asset Management, Contract Management and Quality Control Project (ACQMP)
Date: March 2015 – July 2015

The objective of the consultancy work is to carry out detailed engineering survey and design of the section     N-S Lokmarga Mahakali corridor (Ch 150+000 – 234+000) i.e. alignment III of the Pre-feasibility study of Mahakali corridor carried out in July 2012 and prepare the standard drawings, which includes technical, economic and environmental feasibility of stretch of 95.516  Km road. This study includes:

i)    Carry out detailed engineering survey and design of road.

ii)   Preparation of Standard Drawings.

iii)  Preparation of Cost Estimates.

Overall Services provided:

The firm shall carry out the necessary field works along the alignment. The firm shall be responsible for accuracy, interpretation, analysis of all data received and for the conclusion and recommendations in their report. The scope of work to be carried out by the firm shall include but may not be limited to the following:

  1. Environmental Examination.
  2. Conduct road inventory survey.
  3. Geological and Geotechnical survey.
  4. Construction Material Survey.
  5. Detailed engineering topographic survey.
  6. Hydrological and Metrological studies.
  7. Detailed engineering design.
  8. Pavement design
  9. Preparation of Contract Packages, Bill of Quantities.
  10. Preparation of Detailed Project Report.