Detailed Planning, Engineering Design for Command Area Development works of various branches of Bange kulo of Western main canal of Babai Irrigation Project- Bardiya


Funding Agency: Government of Nepal
Client: Babai Irrigation Project Baidi, Bardiya, Nepal
Date: January 2021 –  June 2021

Babai Irrigation Project (BIP) lies in Province 5 in the mid-western part of Nepal. The development of the Eastern Main Canal (EMC), Phase-1 was initiated in B.S. 2035. Another detailed engineering study was done for the entire irrigation system to Western Main Canal (WMC) including 315m long Weir cum bridge in Babai River and 28 km of the main canal on the Eastern side was constructed from F/Y 2044/45 to F/Y 2058/59. With the construction of syphon in Babai River, 21,000 ha of command area was planned for irrigation towards the Western side of the river.

Overall Services provided:

In order to meet the objective, the scope of the proposed study shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  • The consultant carried out a detailed engineering study (planning, survey, design, estimate etc.) of the Bange Cabal system of the Western Canal System of Babai Irrigation Project covering an area of 850 Ha.
  • Conducted desk study, analysis of data and maps, field survey, preparation of maps and drawings and detailed engineering design. The consultants shall prepare the detailed drawing and cost estimate based on the approved norms and prevailing district rates.
  • Prepared and submitted a detailed system operation plan with a detailed plan of the mode of operation of related infrastructures and a detailed water delivery plan.
  • Reviewed the practices of command area development in Nepal and elsewhere and identified the best practices that should be considered in the recommendations of the command area development study.
  • Collected and Reviewed relevant information from earlier study reports and other documents of previous studies related to the project.
  • Carried out the detailed field topographical survey required for planning, design, and layout of irrigation system for the study command area.
  • Designed the command area development work for approximately 30 ha of the tertiary block, each block containing approximately 4 ha of field units needs to be served by one outlet from the tertiary canal. Tertiary blocks, tertiary canals, and field outlets shall be presented in the plan.
  • Designed and presented drawings of all infrastructures including canal linings, water regulators, cross drainage works, escapes, Village Roads Bridges, Foot Bridges, filed outlets, and other related structures.
  • Carried out and submitted detailed inventory, hydraulic assessment, and proposed remodeling (if necessary) of existing infrastructures in the existing irrigation network with detailed design and drawing.
  • Prepared and submitted the total estimate required to carry out the proposed command area development work with the use of existing norms and district rates.
  • The activities shall be consistent with GON’s Irrigation Policy 2070”, which mandates the participation of water users in every cycle of the project from project design through implementation.