Earthquake Emergency Assistance Project – Construction Supervision Consultant for Road Component EEAP/DOR/CSC-01 (LOAN-3260 NEP)


Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank
Client: Department of Road, Nepal
Date: June 2016 – Aug 2019

The objective of this consulting service is to assist the DOR with the supervision of civil works construction of Strategic Road Network (SRN) component of Output 2 under the EEAP and to ensure that high quality construction is achieved in scheduled time period, within budget and that the work is carried out in full compliance with the approved engineering designs, technical specifications within the terms and condition of the contract documents and sound engineering practices.

The Project (EEAP) will rehabilitate and/or reconstruct about 146 km of roads comprising

  • Dhading Besi-Aarughat (30 Km)
  • Aarughat-Dharapani-Gorkha Road (41Km)
  • Panchkhal-Dhad Khola-Melamchi Road (41 Km) and
  • Charikot-Dolakha ­Lamabaar Road (35 Km)

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment:

A. Construction supervision for SRN of EEAP roads

  1. Design review of the detailed design (Prepared by design consultant) provided to the consultant
  2. Approve contractor`s quality management plan, work program, method statements, material sources, manpower and equipment deployment etc.
  3. Prepare supervision manual for supervision staff and provide orientation to them
  4. Monitor progress of words against baseline work plan and advice on measures to be taken to improve progress and quality.
  5. Approve and/ or issue working drawings and issuing instructions to the contractor as required in accordance with the contract specification and contractor`s quality management plan
  6. Measure the completed works and keep detailed records of the measurement
  7. Supervise the tests in field and in laboratory, analyze and justify the results
  8. Prepare the non-conformity reports and propose the rectification work or solution
  9. Certify completion of part or all of the works and issue the Taking Over Certificate
  10. Advice the Employer`s Representative on all matters relating to the execution of the works; and assess and recommend the Representative with processing the contractor`s possible claims and disputes
  11. Check and certify as-built drawings for the works prepared by the contractors
  12. Carry out final inspections of the works Defect Liability Certificates


B. Implementation and Monitoring social / Environmental aspects for EEAP roads

I.Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) action plan

  1. Design, prepare, develop and conduct guidelines for mainstreaming gender in HIV / AIDS and human trafficking awareness campaign, and other social mitigation plans at project influenced areas as per feasibility and detailed design study for the project
  2. Provide gender sensitization trainings to EAs and NGOs with a particular focus on the issues of the transport sector; develop gender responsive indicators for trafficking progress; participate in relevant theme groups for HIV / AIDS, and anti-trafficking
  3. Submit quarterly review reports to the Project Directorate and determine whether the goals / indicators of the HIV / AIDS project monitoring framework have been achieved.

II. Land acquisition and resettlement

  1. The consultant will assist, conduct, develop, update, monitor and evaluate progress and achievement of resettlement objectives of the Department of roads (DOR) in implementing plans (RPs) provided to the consultant, and other social mitigation plans of the roads
  2. Includes administrative responsibilities like working in co-ordination, preparation of monthly action plans, assisting the Resettlement Officer (RO) and updating the database of Project Affected Persons (PAPs) and their entitlements
  3. The identification and verification of the eligible PAPs from RPs, the Consultant shall ensure that each of the PAPs are consultant and contacted either in the groups or individually. The consultant shall ensure consultant with women from the PAP families especially from women headed household
  4. Identify, design and conduct training programs on alternative methods of the livelihood restoration using local skills and resources.
  5. Co-ordinate with the DoR project office to facilitate consultation on rehabilitation if borrow areas

III. Environmental management

  1. Consultant will ensure and monitor that the Governments and ADBs safeguard policies on Environment are adequately compiled at construction sites
  2. Undertake monitoring the implementation of EMP during construction period
  3. In case of environmental impacts during project implementation period, prepare remedial actions to handle such impacts
  4. Prepare a reporting system on implementation of EMP and preparing semi-annual report in implementation to ADB and DoR

IV. Project performance and monitoring system

  1. Reviewing secondary data from respective district and village profiles
  2. Conducting household socioeconomic sample surveys, and
  3. Developing participatory rural appraisal methods among the communities affected by the road construction / upgrading activities

C. Road safety improvement for EEAP roads

  1. Review and design public awareness campaign on road safety
  2. Assist DoR in conducting the awareness program
  3. Develop plan and manual to conduct awareness in co-ordination with the employer
  4. Conduct road safety awareness campaign
  5. Arrange workshops in DoR on awareness program, and
  6. Comply with DoR`s Traffic Safety Manuals during construction supervision