Facilitation of School Mapping Exercises and Reporting in Rasuwa, Dadeldhura and Kapilvastu Districts – DANIDA


Funding Agency: DANIDA/Education Sector Advisory Team ESAT
Client: DANIDA/Education Sector Advisory Team ESAT
Date:  Feb 2008 – July 2009

The major objective of school mapping was to create equality of educational opportunities by leveling off of the existing disparities in the distribution of educational facilities. However, the process had been shown not only to help to identify the most appropriate location of schools so that more children could be benefited from the same level of investment, but also to generate an improved local awareness of an interest in participating in the preparation and implementation of their own education plans to improve the situation.

Key Activities:

  • Design of database and standard report templates;
  • Design and conduction of practical ‘Hands-on’ training programme for DOE/DEO staff;
  • Provision of ‘on-site’ technical backstopping and coaching for DOE/DEO staff;

Overall Services provided by firm:

Overall Project Management and coordination, Training, Manual preparation, monitoring survey, preparing final report.