Feasibility review, DPR Preparation, Detailed Engineering Design, IEE Review and Preparation of IEE for HEP and 132kv Transmission Line, Preparation of Tender Document for Upper Solu Hydroelectric Project


Funding Agency/Client: Upper Solu Hydro Electric Company Pvt. Ltd. (USHEC)
Date: Aug 2010 – March 2013

The project consists of preparation of Detailed Project Report of Upper Solu Hydroelectric Project (23.5MW), carry out detailed engineering design, tender documents and construction drawings. The Consultant has completed all the assignment as per ToR. The project is developed by Upper Solu Hydro Electric Company Pvt. Ltd (An ICTC Energy Venture).

The project is located in Solukhumbu district about 300m. Downstream of the operational Salleri Chialsa Small Hydropower Plant (400 kW). The project diverts the design discharge from Solu river and conveys through a canal to Salme village, where forebay, penstock, powerhouse and tailrace are located. The project is close to Okhaldhunga Salleri feeder road, which is presently opened for vehicles with a general load restriction of 6 tons. The main bottleneck in the access road is lack of a bridge over Sunkoshi river at Harkapur at the border of Okhaldhunga and Udayapur districts, which is currently under construction by the GoN, Department of Road. Currently, the vehicles cross the river through locally operated ferry system.

Overall Services provided:

  1. Detailed topographic survey of headwork site, powerhouse, pipe alignment and access road
  2. Hydrological analysis, rating curve, low flow analysis, and sediment study
  3. Geological assessments and assessment of construction materials,
  4. Estimation of energy generation
  5. Preparation of Detailed Project Report
  6. Detailed Engineering Design of the project components that include:
  • Circular Steel pipe of 2.5m diameter 3855m length average thickness of 10 mm,
  • Diversion weft with total length of 26m and height of overflow weir 5.5m, with design capacity 13.49 m3/s. Settling Basin with double trapping efficiency 95% for 0.2 mm continuous flushing type,
  • Variable chamber surge shaft 4.8 m diameter length 25 m. Surface penstock of 1.9m diameter of 397m length. Powerhouse semi-surface type 34m x 19.5m x 31.9m provisions of 2 units of Francis turbines coupled synchronous type vertical axis generator,
  • Survey, layout and design of 132 kV transmission lines from Solu powerhouse to Lamane substation approximately 3 km in length, Design of power generating facilities
  • Design of Hydro mechanical components
  • Preparation of quantities and cost estimates
  • Preparation of construction schedule
  • Economic and financial evaluation