Hulaki Rajmarg Project-Detailed Survey and Design of 5 Bridges


Funding Agency: Government of Nepal/Department of Road
Client: Department of Roads
Date: May 2012 – April 2013

The main objective of this assignment is to design a safe, reliable and cost effective bridge using the appropriate technology. The bridge is to be designed considering the availability of skilled manpower, construction material, condition of accessibility and other prevailing working conditions.

Overall Services provided:

The consultant assist in:

    a.    Detailed Engineering Study and Survey

    b.    Desk Study (a des study should be carried out, collection all data, maps and information relevant to bridge design and reviewing for planning of further field survey and investigation works as well as detailed design)

  1. Feasibility Study
  2. Geological and Geomorphologic study
  3. Topography
  4. Nature and structure of the surface soil
  5. Nature and structure of local as well as regional geology
  6. Other information as needed
  7. Bridge Site Selection
  8. Topographical Survey
  9. Hydrological Study
  10. Seismological Study
  11. Consideration on Environment Protection

    c.    Subsurface Exploration

  1. Test pita and auguring
  2. Bore-holes, field tests and laboratory tests
  3. Depth of soil exploration
  4. Changes in soil strata
  5. Soil exploration works to be certified
  6. Other information

    d.    Analysis of Data, Conclusion and Recommendation of Design Parameters Detailed design and quantity/cost estimates