IT Master Plan for Ministry of Education and Sports, Nepal – DANIDA


Funding Agency/Client: DANIDA/ ESAT/ Ministry of Education and Sports, (MoES), Nepal
Date:  Dec 2003 – Mar 2004

The overall aim of the consultancy was to carryout a feasibility assessment study of a sequenced computerization, which would help enhance performance of the MOES and other constituent agencies as follows:

  1. –         Department of Education (DOE);
  2. –         National Centre of Education Development (NCED);
  3. –         Secondary Education Development Centre (SEDC);
  4. –         Distance Education Centre (DEC);
  5. –         Curriculum Development Centre (CDC);
  6. –         Non-Formal Education Centre (NFEC);
  7. –         Office of Controller of Examination (OCE);
  8. –         Regional Education Directorates (RED, five);
  9. –         Teacher Records Office (TRO);
  10. –         Teacher Service Commission (TSC);

Key Activities:

Process Study including Organizational Context, Process flow and activities relating to information requirement and Study on present status of Hardware and Software and their requirement study including network infrastructure. Readiness Survey to measure readiness, competence, and training requirements among the professionals of MoES and its related central as well as district agencies.

 Key Components:

  1. Development of a comprehensive IT Master Plan including development and implementation plan of
    • IT Infrastructure at MoES and its constituent organizations
    • Application plan – EMIS (Program planning, monitoring, and evaluation system + Teacher Information System + School Information System)
    • Capacity Building plan
    • Tentative Cost for Master Plan Implementation
  2. Phase wise IT development and implementation strategy
  3. IT readiness report of MOES in terms of awareness and commitment, infrastructure, human resource, and the managerial and technical capacity;
  4. Proposed IT Architecture
  5. Analysis of existing organizational contexts, objectives and functions within the MOES and its Sections
  6. Components of system architecture (e.g., platform and network, data, application, integration, security, backup, system management, and groupware);
  7. Contents and services to be covered, including software applications and e-linkages.

Overall Services provided by firm:

TMS was responsible for the overall project and provided MIS, OD, Research, and Hardware expertise as well as logistic and project management/ administrative support services for the project.