Kali Gandaki A Hydropower Plant (144 MW) Rehabilitation Project –Implementation of Environmental and Social Mitigation Measures and Monitoring Works


Funding Agency: The World Bank
Client:Nepal Electricity Authority, Environment and Social Studies Department
Date: Feb 2017 – Aug 2017

Kali Gandaki A Hydro Power Plant (KGAHPP) is the largest plant in operation in Nepal commissioned in 2002. The development objectives of the Kali Gandaki A Hydropower Plant Rehabilitation Project for Nepal are to improve the reliability of power supply through rehabilitation and safety measures and to improve the response capacity of Nepal in case of an emergency. The project has four components:

  1. Civil works:

It consists of following three sub-components:

  • a. Head works modifications
  • b. Improving dam safety monitoring and instrumentation
  • c. Maintenance works.
  1. Electro-Mechanical Works:

This component consists of mechanical and electrical works divided into two sub-components:

  • a. Mechanical works
  • b. Electrical works.
  1. Technical assistance and capacity-building:

This component consists of the following five sub-components:

  • a. Consulting firm
  • b. Asset management
  • c. Safeguard implementation
  • d. Capacity building
  • e. Catchment area treatment plan.
  1. Emergency response:

This component will draw resources from the unallocated expenditure category and allow the Government of Nepal (GoN) to request the Bank to re-categorize and reallocate financing from other project components to partially cover emergency response and recovery costs. This component can also be used to channel additional funds available as a result of the emergency.

Through this consulting assignment, the project intends to implement environmental and social mitigation measures as a part of technical assistance and capacity building component of the rehabilitation project.

Actual services provided by the firm within the assignment:

The scope of the service of the consulting firm is limited to implementation of mitigation and enhancement measures and monitoring works at periodic interval for key project activity sites of KGAHPPRP. The scope of services is as follows:

  1. Implementation of the mitigation measures
  • a. Livelihood Support and Income Generating Programs
  • b. Livelihood Support to Bote (Fishermen)
  • c. Self Help Group (SHG) formation for women headed households and other women members
  • d. Safety and Awareness Training Program
  1. Drafting of a Manual for Operation of Steamer Boat and for Controlling Spillage of Oil in the Reservoir
  2. Environmental and Social Monitoring
  3. Community Consultation and Implementation of Mid-term evaluation
  4. Refreshment, Daily Allowance and Logistic Supports
  5. Training and workshop for project engineer in Mechanical and Hydropower Planning sector.