Kulekhani III Hydroelectric Project: Construction Supervision and Construction Management


Funding Agency: Government of Nepal/ Nepal Electricity Authority
Client: Nepal Electricity Authority
Date: July 2013 – April 2018

The Kulekhani III (14 MW) is a cascade of Kulekhani Reservoir. The Gross and Net head of the project are 109.80 m and 102.56 m respectively. A Headpond (1956 cubic meter) shall be constructed at the tailrace of Kulekhani II Powerhouse to collect the flow (Discharge 13.5m3/sec). A small intake will add up 2.5 m3/sec of water from Khani Khola to the head pond. A 70 meter length inverted siphon will connect the headpond (1956 m3)to the head race tunnel. The length of the headrace tunnel (Horse Shoe Shaped, Concrete Lined) is 4294 m. At the end of the headrace tunnel there is a provision of a forebay (6m width, height~6 to 18 m). An Adit tunnel leads to the upstream and downstream faces of the forebay. The total length of the steel lined penstock tunnel including the inclined portion is 370m. An adit will be excavated for the construction of the penstock tunnel including the excavation of the bottom horizontal part of the tunnel. The dimension of the powerhouse (surface) is 32.10 m x 21.70 m x 29.24 m. The Annual Energy Generation of the project is 40.85 GWh. There shall be two Vertical Axis Francis Turbine and Two 3 Phase, Synchronous AC Generators. The evacuated power will be transmitted via 0.5 km long 132 kV Transmission Line.

Overall Services provided:

The main goal of the consultant in this project is for construction management and construction supervision. The objectives of the consultancy services is to ensure that the Project constructed with a high degree of workmanship and materials, on schedule and within budget, in accordance with the specification and drawings of the construction and equipment contracts, to acceptable environmental standards and in accordance with Client’s requirements.

However, the detailed actual services provided by the consultant includes:

1) Civil Works Contract

  • Designs and Construction Drawings
    • Review the Designs
    • Construction Drawings
    • Contractor’s Drawings
  • Construction Supervision of Civil works and Management of Contract.

2)  Equipment Contract

2.1       Design, Manufacture, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of all equipment including Electromechanical and Hydro mechanical Equipment

3)   Project Management

      3.1       Formulate and establish procedures for the proper management,

                    administration, procurement and quality assurance of all contracts

                    for the construction

      3.2     Preparation and submission of required reports

      3.3       Planning Project Program

      3.4       Monitoring Environmental Safeguards and Social Safeguards


      3.5       Maintaining good project relations

      3.6       Commissioning of the Works

      3.7       Prepare Operation and Maintenance Manuals

      3.8       Providing Additional Assistance to NEA

      3.9       Mobilizing and Managing Experts