Monitoring and Evaluation of Cross Border Communication – South Asia


Funding Agency: The World Bank
Client: The World Bank
Date:  Feb 2004- Jul 2007

The overall objective of Rural Telecommunications Services (RTS) consulting service (Independent Technical Consultant) is to monitor, evaluate, and certify the progress and completion of network roll out, implementation as well as the fulfilment of the quality of the Service, availability and the service obligation by the Rural Telecommunications Services (RTS) Provider in more than 500 VDC’s including 1000 sites in the Eastern Development Region of Nepal.

Key Tasks:

  • Monitoring and evaluation: to establish a method to monitor and evaluate the implementation of rural telecommunications service licence awarded to private service provider;
  • Certification: to certify that the RTS provider has met its obligations prior to the release of subsidy payments for the payment by the Client to RTS provider. This certification will provide the basis for release of Subsidy payments to the operator;
  • Training: to ensure that the Client (NTA) develops its institutional capacity to effectively implement the rural operator certification.

Overall Services provided by firm:

TMS provided the local monitoring and evaluation consultants for local technical knowledge and provided certifications to the concerned RTS provider. In addition, TMS also provided logistic and project management/ administrative support services and preparation of outlines and training materials for the project.