Nepal Enterprise Survey- WB


Funding Agency: The World Bank
Client: The World Bank
Date:  Oct 2008 – Jun 2009

The goal of the survey was to use a standardized method to survey primarily the manufacturing and retail sectors in Nepal. The Enterprise Survey was carried out by means of face-to-face interviews with establishments’ senior managers. The questionnaires were designed to seek opinions and information from the establishment’s senior manager, accountant, and/or human resource manager. Several questions were designed to solicit managers’ opinions on different aspects of the investment climate. Other portions of the questionnaire solicit information that was to be taken from the establishment’s financial statements.

 The Nepal Enterprise Survey (ES) interviewed approximately 120 manufacturing establishments, 120 retail establishments and 120 establishments of the rest of the non-agricultural economy. These firms were drawn from the universe of firms with 5 employees or more.

 To more accurately reflect the Nepalese economy the contractor was also required to expand the main ES to include 2 additional strata: 120 interviews from the microenterprise stratum, firms with less than 5 employees, and 120 interviews from the informal stratum, unregistered firms.

Overall Services provided by firm:

TMS assisted in overall administration of the survey including assembling sampling, translation of questionnaire / country profile, train enumerators, pilot survey, face-to-face interviews, data entry, quality control, data cleaning, reporting etc.