Policy and Advisory Technical Assistance (PATA) for Strengthening Subnational Public Management (SSPM) in Nepal


Funding Agency/Client: Asian Development Bank
Date: Feb 2017 – Feb 2018

The proposed Policy and Advisory Technical Assistance (PATA) is currently being processed to identify and design policy actions for the proposed Second Strengthening Public Management Program (SPMP II) in Nepal.This project will undertake the preparatory work, including capacity building of implementing agencies. The rationale for the SPMP II. The objectives of the Project are:

  • Developing policies and systems related to fiscal decentralization under the new federal structure,
  • Implementing the Public Financial Management (PFM) reform action plan currently being developed under Strengthening Public Management Program (SPMP I),
  • Expand and deepen the reforms initiated under SPMP I (e.g., e-GP, MARS, strengthening village development committee (VDC) accounting, internal audit, and technical audit); and

External audit of subnational governments.

Actual services provided by the firm within the assignment:

The scopes of the consulting services will include, but not limited to following:

  1. Review the designs, bidding documents, or safeguards documents; expected to incorporate the component(s) into overall analysis (e.g. for economic and financial analysis, implementation schedule, etc.) and loan documents.
  2. Review detailed designs and recommend improvements; incorporate WTP into overall analysis and loan documents
  3. Review conceptual or preliminary designs and recommend improvements; review safeguards documents; incorporate this component into overall analysis and preparation
  4. Review available preliminary designs; and also propose priority areas for new DMAs (not yet designed); incorporate this component into overall analysis and preparation
  5. Review any designs or packages that have been prepared; confirm priorities for rehabilitation and other small works
  6. Assess technical feasibility and financial and economic viability of all proposed subprojects
  7. Recommend phasing and prioritization of the required investments
  8. Prepare the documents required for ADB and government’s approval of the ensuring loan
  9. Design institutional strengthening component
  10. Support high project readiness as required
  11. The consultant will ensure that issues impacting women, poor, excluded and indigenous people are assessed and adequately addressed in the various project components.