Preparing the Improved Water Quality Supply, Sanitation and Service Delivery Sector Development Program – ADB TA No. – 4972-NEP


Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank
Client: Department of Water Supply and Sanitation
Date:  Apr 2008 – Nov 2008

The impact of the Project Preparatory technical Assistance (PPTA) is improved basic water supply and sanitation infrastructure and services in emerging small towns in Nepal. Its outcome is a project design and feasibility study agreed by Government and ADB. The PPTA is expected to formulate a comprehensive design for a sector development program. Specific outputs will consist of (i) a revised urban water and sanitation sector policy and development plan, institutional assessment and policy matrix for proposed sector improvements; (ii) a feasibility study for integrated water supply and sanitation in emerging towns suitable for ADB financing that emphasizes inclusive development and responds to needs expressed by the community regarding priority infrastructure; and (iii) capacity development assistance for expediting project implementation and institutionalizing mechanisms for sustainable community-based infrastructure development.

Overall Services provided by firm:

PTMS is responsible for the overall project management, and providing technical inputs including in assessment of water sector and institutions, formulating urban water supply and sanitation policy and development plan, formulating project concept and sample sub project proposals, project design, economic and financial analysis, poverty and social assessments etc.