Project Management Consulting Services for SASEC – Information Highway Project – ADB Grant No: 0099- NEP


Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Client: Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC)
Date: Nov. 2010 – Dec. 2014

The Project is part of the ADB project no. 40045: SASEC Information Highway Project involving Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal. The objective of the project is to support the SASEC information highway initiative, the Project has three components: (i) a SASEC regional network with fiber-optic and data interchange capacity, directly connecting the four SASEC countries; (ii) a SASEC village network expanding broadband ICT access to 110 rural communities in the SASEC countries and directly connecting the communities for local networking and information sourcing; and (iii) a SASEC research and training network building technical and business skills in ICT, particularly in developing local content and e-applications (such as e-government, e-learning, tele-medicine, e-remittance, e-commerce) for the needs of the rural/remote area population.

The Project Management Consultants (PMC) will provide consultancy to Project Management Unit constituted under the Ministry of Information and Communications for implementing services in Nepal. The objectives of PMC is to promulgate proper design and technical requirements; ensure proper procurement standard are observed; ensure proper engineering, environmental and societal standards are observed; ensure follow of internationally acceptable engineering standards and equipment housing and handling; assist in appointment of service agency; assist in bilateral peering agreements between service agencies of SASEC countries; perform overall procurement and management; to device and deliver contingency management plans. Develop measurable performance indicators; produce technical, engineering, operation and maintenance documentations and manuals; and communicate and coordinate with SASEC Research and Training Network.

Overall Services provided:

TMS will assist in achieving objectives of PMC. Specific responsibilities includes survey , site selections of community e-centers (CECS) ensuring all the social impact has been determined and the sites will generate the greatest benefit to the community, establish local ISP-peering developing technical specifications, & designs,  procurement of supplies and/or services, supervision and management of field implementation, and final testing and commissioning of regional and village network. TMS will also assist in developing project performance monitoring and evaluation system and update Initial Environmental Assessment. And Environmental Management Plan.