Puspalal (Mid Hill) Highway Project: Detailed Design for Upgrading of Highway to Blacktop Standard – Package 3


Funding Agency: Government of Nepal
Client: Department of Road (DoR)/Planning and Design Branch
Date: May 2013 – May 2014

The objective of this consultancy services is to carry out review of existing road and its corridor, detailed engineering survey and design of Highway including pavement design and other structures, preparation of contract packages document and preparation of detailed project report (DPR) of “Bhojpur – Diktel Sectors under the Puspalal (Mid-hill) Highway Project, Eastern Sector.

Overall Services provided:

The scope of works for consultancy services are:

A.   Review of existing road and its alternate corridor including review of engineering design, geotechnical investigation, environmental and socio-economic study and hydrological study.

B.   Detail Engineering Survey and Design of Highway and other Structures:

  1. Topographic survey of road corridor including road inventory survey of existing structures
  2. Survey of services to be relocated including irrigation canal
  3. Hydrological survey and mapping including, Geotechnical survey, Material Availability Survey
  4. Design of Highway including i) design of vertical & horizontal alignment for a design speed of 50 kmph, ii) design of highway cross-section in the form of two lane highway; iii) design of cut and fill slopes; iv) Structural design of retaining structure; v) structural design of all RCC structures and vi) production of design drawings showing plan in 1:1000 scale, longitudinal profile in 1000H to 200H scale, cross-section at 20m interval in 1:000 scale.
  5. Design of Cross Drainage structure including structural design of slab and box culverts, size and location of road-side drainage, design of the water conduit to take storm water safely to the nearby natural stream
  6. Design of Pavement including design of sub-grade, sub-base, base and DBST/asphalt/concrete pavement layers for each 100m interval or where the sub-surface condition/traffic volume changes, Design for 10.2T axle load, Design shall consider the AADT data
  7. Scheduling and Road Safety Audit
  8. Quantity, Rate Analysis and Cost Estimation
  9. Preparation of Contract Packages Document
  10. Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR)