Regional Solid Waste Management Project in Nepal – Gov. of Finland


Funding Agency: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Client: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland / Ministry of Local Development, Nepal
Date:  June 2010 – Dec 2012

The Overall Objective of this project was (1) to improve sanitary living conditions in the urban areas of the two districts and (2) to contribute to poverty alleviation by providing services to the poorest population and creating job opportunities in the waste and recycling activities.

The Project Purpose was to establish a sustainable, regional municipal waste management system in the project area. This is achieved through an institutionalized cooperation between the municipalities in the two districts, providing services also to the surrounding semi-urban VDCs and to private and institutional waste producers.

The three project components were: 1) Regional SWM infrastructure development (including the construction of the landfill); 2) Waste Management operation and financial system; and 3) Environmental Sustainability and public participation.

Overall Services provided by firm:

As a national associate firm to FCG International, TMS was responsible for providing required technical support and project management support. TMS provided services related to SWM legislation and guidelines; waste management operations; and Municipal Capacity Building in waste collection, landfill operations, service delivery, maintenance and cost efficiency.