Review of policy Environment, Legal Framework and Institutional arrangements Related to Urban Sanitation and Hygiene


Funding Agency: SNV
Client: DWSS/ SEIU
Date:  May 2013 – Mar 2014

The intention of this study is to review the existing policy environment, regulatory frameworks, legislation and institutional arrangements and inform SNV Nepal’s about recently started Urban Sanitation and Hygiene Programme. The study must identify gaps, overlaps, inconsistencies, un-clarities and opportunities in existing policies regarding sanitation and hygiene issues in the context of increasing urbanization and present an overview of the context in which sanitation and Hygiene service delivery should take place in urban/small/emerging town context. The consultant will work closely with Department of water supply and sewerage, Sector Efficiency Improvement Unit and SNV Nepal and under their guidance will design a process to review current policy, legal and institutional arrangement relating to sanitation and hygiene in Nepal with a major emphasis in municipal towns, urban/Small towns and emerging/ peri urban towns.

Overall Services provided by firm:

TMS had played the role of overall project coordination and management for the mentioned project including the review of the existing Nepalese legal and institutional framework and spelled out the process for reviewing the current policies.