Road Sector Development Project:Feasibility, Detailed Design and Construction Supervision-IDA Grant No. H339-NEP


Funding Agency: World Bank (WB)
Client: Government of Nepal(GoN), Ministry of Physical Planning and Works (MoPPW), Departments of Roads (DoR), Kathmandu, Nepal
a) Feasibility and Design Phase : May 2010 – May 2011

b) Construction Supervision Phase – June 2011 – 15 March 2015 (Extended up to 30 June                                                                                                                                                          2015)

The Road Sector Development Project (RSDP) is being implemented by Government of Nepal (GON) with the grant assistance from the IDA to upgrade section of roads Santbanj – Gokuleshwore – Darchula, Khodpe – Akalingagad – Bajhang and Surkhet – Kalikot – Jumla which includes upgrading/rehabilitation/improvement, necessary planning, design and construction supervision. The implementing agency for the Project is Department of Roads (DOR) under the Ministry of Physical Planning and Works (MOPPW).

The overall objective of project includes:

(i) feasibility study and Initial environmental examination for upgrading to sealed standard for about 400 km of length of following roads

Road                                                       Approximate Length

  • Gokuleswor – Darchula                                            73km
  • Kalangagad Bridge – Chainpur                               50km
  • Khidkijyula – Jumla                                                     104km
  • Chhinchu – Devisthal – Jajarkot                             95 km
  • Shitalpati – Musikot                                                   86km

(ii) detail survey and engineering design of about 600 km of existing tracks and roads,

(iii) survey and design of existing roads for the purpose of rehabilitation and improvement,

(iv) preparation of environmental and social impact management plants,

(v) contract packaging and preparation of Bid documents,

(vi) construction supervision of about 600 km of road length for upgrading to sealed standard, rehabilitation, improvement works.

Total Project Cost: US$ 50.6 million

Overall Services provided:

Phase I – Feasibility and Design Phase:

  1. Review and update of previous Feasibility Study, update EMP contained in the respective IEE,
  2. Feasibility Study and Appraisal,
  3. Review and update of the previous detail design study,
  4. Detail survey and Engineering design of roads for upgrading, rehabilitation, and improvement, as necessary
  5. Preparation of procurement plan and Bidding documents for all the contracts,
  6. Preparation of Environment pre-investment documents and studies including environmental screening, Initial Environmental Examination (IEE), environmental and social impact management plans with necessary checklists and site specific EMAP ,
  7. Ensuring incorporation of the environmental mitigation measures into plan/design , estimates/BoQ, identification of PAF’s in terms of assets loss and each road’s plan & design, cost estimates & bill of quantity, standards & specifications, bid-documents & contract/agreement clauses,
  8. Preparation of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP),
  9. Preparation of Vulnerable Community Development Plant (VCDP) if needed.
  10. Preparation of socio-economic baseline data for project benefits monitoring.
  11. Carryout all necessary detail field survey works including topographical survey, alignment survey, geological and geotechnical investigations, necessary laboratory testing.

b) Phase II – Construction Supervision Phase (80% Completed):

  1. Inception, mobilization and establishing of necessary office and manpower for start of construction supervision; and targeted briefing, awareness and orientation particularly to field staff of implementing agencies and local community on environmental & social requirements/EMAP/ESMF.
  2. Joint verification of survey and design, design update, working drawings and construction supervision of all works including contract administration and providing technical backstopping and supportive supervision to ensure compliance to environmental and social safeguard provisions/ requirements,
  3. Post construction supervision during defect liability period including contract finalization and reporting.
  4. Prepare suitable standard formats and establish effective and efficient documentation and reporting procedure for contract administration, monitoring of schedule and quality assurance of the construction works.
  5. Ensure that the recommendation of the road’s screening, IEE/EMP and SS-EMAP as well as ESMF.
  6. Carry out social audit in every six month with emphasis on the acceptability of project activities.
  7. Provide necessary support to the PAPs/PAFs to understand the project procedures.
  8. Provide recommendation to the DOR regarding the required modification/additions/deletion in design and specification during construction.
  9. Carry out inspection of the completed works and supervision of maintenance works.