Sector Efficiency Improvement Unit Consultant – Second Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Project – ADB Grant


Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank
Client: : Ministry of Physical Planning and Works, Nepal
Date:  June 2010 – Dec 2015

The Sector Efficiency Improvement Unit (SEIU) consultant will provide support to the unit being established in Water Supply and Sanitation Division of Ministry of Physical Planning and Works (MPPW), Government of Nepal for developing efficient, effective and accountable water supply and sanitation sector in the country. The SEIU consultant will support MPPW in developing new policies, refining existing policies in water supply and sanitation sector in addition to facilitating the implementation of current policies

The Consultant will also support to develop proper benchmarking, performance evaluation and rating system of the service providers along with systems to improve provision of services to the citizens by such service providers. The SEIU consultant will help the Government to achieve better sector coordination and harmonized implementation procedures for all agencies and development partners in the sector..

Overall Services provided by firm:

As sub-consultant, TMS was responsible for providing necessary technical and managerial support to the SEIU in all the aspects including in (i) Policy Support for Water Supply and Sanitation, (ii) Benchmarking and Efficiency Improvement Of Water Supply and Sanitation Service Providers, and (iii) Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Co-ordination