Supplementary Contract for Consultancy Services for Preparation of Tender Document, Detailed Design & Engineering, and Construction Supervision of Electro-Mechanical, Hydro-Mechanical & Transmission Line works


Funding Agency: EXIM Bank (India)
Client: Nepal Electricity Authority
Date: Sept. 2012 – April 2018

The Rahughat Hydro-electric Project (32 MW) is identified across the Rahughat Khola in the Myagdi District of Dhaulagiri Zone of the Western Development Region of Nepal. This is a peaking run of river (PROR) project with six hour daily peaking capacity. The Design flow and the Gross head are 13m3/s and 295.5m respectively. Water is proposed to be diverted by constructing a 32.0m high, 29.0m long gated weir having two bays with crest elevation at EL 1160m.The river flow is proposed to be diverted through the intake, located just in the upstream to feed the surface descending basin of size 80.0m x 8.0m x5.2m (LxBxH) for trapping > 0.20 mm size sand particles. The silt free water is proposed to be conveyed through an underground HRT of having 3.50 m/2.5 m dia modified horse shoe shaped tunnel and about 6.151 km length and passing inside the left bank hills. The water conductor system also comprises of surge tank (10.0 m dia x 47 m high), inclined concrete lined pressure shaft (2.6 m dia x 352.0m length), and steel lined penstock of 1.95 dia x 352.0 m length to feed the Power house (52.6m length x 16.7m width) located on a flat terrace in the right bank of Kaligandaki river at about 1 Km upstream of the confluence of Rahughat Khola with Kaligandaki river near Galeshwar. There are two Pelton (Vertical axis) turbines used in this project whose installed capacity is 16MW each. The total project cost is 67 MUSD and total energy generation is 187.66GWh. The switch yard is proposed at the west side of the powerhouse to evacuate the generated power to Modi Power Station through 28.0 Km long, single circuit 132 kV transmission line for further transmission with INPS.

Overall Services provided:

The main goal of the consultant in this project is for construction management and construction supervision. The objectives of the consultancy services is to ensure that the Project constructed with a high degree of workmanship and materials, on schedule and within budget, in accordance with the specification and drawings of the construction and equipment contracts, to acceptable environmental standards and in accordance with Client’s requirements.

However, the detailed actual services provided by the consultant include, inter alia:

  1. To assist NEA for implementation of the Project by providing a comprehensive Project Management services;
  2. To review the detailed design and drawings on the basis of the Tender Drawings for Construction;
  3. To act as the Engineer for construction of the works Contract described in contract & specifications and carryout such duties and assumed such power and responsibilities as are defined in the Contract and in the Agreement for Consultancy Services.