Surveys, Investigations and Detailed Design for Koshi Bridge as VO No. 2 under Road Connectivity Sector I Project – ADB


Funding Agency: Asian Development Bank
Client: Department of Road/Project Directorate (ADB)
Date: February 2009 – December 2009

Topographical Survey, Geotechnical and Hydrological Investigations and Detail Design of a two lane highway bridge over the Koshi river near the ferry crossing site at Chatara, including bid document preparation and bid evaluation for ICB/NCB Contracts

Overall Services provided:

a.   Detailed Engineering Study and Survey

  1. Bridge Site Selection
  2. Geological and Geomorphologic Study
  3. Topographical Survey
  4. Hydrological Study
  5. Seismological Study
  6. Consideration of Environmental Protection

b.   Subsurface Exploration

  1. Bore-holes, field tests and laboratory tests
  2. Depth of soil exploration

c.   Analysis of Data, Conclusion and Recommendation of Design Parameters

d.   Detailed design and quantity/cost estimate

e.   Prepared Contract documents

f.   Land Acquisition and Social Studies

g.   Detailed Design and Drawings of Bridge Foundations, Sub-structure and Super-structure

h.   Prepared Resettlement Action Plan

i.   Evaluation of Bids

j.   Prepared retrofitted safeguard planning documents to meet ADB safeguard policy

k.   Review and update IEE/EIA study for the project roads,

l.   Undertook IEE/EIA study new for Nepalgunj – Kohalpur Road and prepare Environmental Management Plan (EMP)