TA-8678 NEP: Supporting Rural Electrification Through Renewable Energy (44219-014)


The assignment has been conceptualized on the backdrop that Nepal is in pressing need of developing a legislative framework that supports deployment of sustainable renewable/rural energy projects attracting private investments in the country. Additionally, with recent changes in the federal structure of the country, the renewable development framework must also be required to be aligned with laid powers/obligations of the proposed federal structure.

Nepal currently has no capacity of large/utility scale renewable energy projects. This is due to lack of regulatory/tariff framework for renewable generation. Private players are not attracted towards the Nepalese market because of lack of clarity on returns (linked to tariff). Thus, it is essential that renewable generation tariff norms are designed (to devise feed-in-tariff) and adhered.

Since a majority of population doesn’t have access to grid electricity, mini-grids & decentralized applications supplemented by storage is of great importance to the country. Hence, it is important to review the current status of storage industry and propose recommendations on adoption of storage technologies in the country through legislation or regulations.

Overall Services provided:

The scope of services will include, but not limited to, carrying out the following activities:

  1. Review of existing wind resource mapping, existing estimates of wind resource estimation and energy and review of sector’s tariff and financing guidelines.
  2. Identifying Gaps in the system using macro and micro economic analysis..
  3. Assessment of wind sites to generate Detailed Project Report that includes safety and mitigation measures.
  4. RE Roadmap and recommendations.
  5. Preparing guidelines for Capacity Building.
  6. Preparation of final Roadmap and Regulations.