TA 9803 NEP Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project – Integrated Water Resources Management (43448-013) Project


Funding Agency/Client: Asian Development Bank
Date: October 2021 – August 2023

TA 9803 NEP Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project – Integrated Water Resources Management (43448-013) Project aims to strengthen the capacity of the water management institutions in the BRB, especially support to Outputs 1 and 4 of the Additional Financing for the BRBIP. The project outputs include:

Output 1: Systems and capacity for integrated and participatory river basin management established. The additional financing will (i) construct and equip a new regional building for the Koshi River basin office, (ii) purchase information technology (IT) equipment for the Koshi River basin office and the BRBC to support river management, and (iii) provide capacity building to the Koshi River basin office and the BRBC staff.

 Output 2: The riverbank environment in urban areas improved. The additional financing will (i) finance cost overruns of the current project’s river environment civil works; (ii) stabilize and beautify an additional 5.75 kilometers of riverbank, including landscaping and restoration of 23 historic cultural monuments located on the riverbanks; and (iii) mobilize, raise awareness, and build capacity of local governments and communities for riverbank management and maintenance.

 Output 3: Water availability in the basin during dry season increased and watershed conservation improved. The additional financing will construct and operate a WWTP to clean the polluted water of the Tukucha tributary, which flows into the Bagmati River. About 17 million liters of treated effluent will be released in the river daily and contribute to increased Bagmati River flow in the dry season. The WWTP will be built on the bank of the Bagmati River at the confluence with the Tukucha tributary. Located in a highly populated area, the WWTP will be odorless, and integrated into the riverbank landscape. A sludge digester will be built to produce electric power and reduce the plant’s power and sludge disposal expenses. The additional financing will also fund the civil works cost overruns and tree planting under the environmental management plan for the upstream water storage being constructed under the current project.

 Output 4: Functioning flood forecasting and early warning system for the Bagmati River basin utilized. The additional financing will provide funds for a civil society organization to train 18 communities along the Bagmati River downstream of Kathmandu in implementing a community-based flood early warning system. This system was designed and piloted in communities under the current project.

In order to meet the objective, the scope of the proposed study shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. The consultant will be strengthening of modeling and forecasting of existing water management institutions.
  2. support to the establishment of the Koshi River Basin.
  3. consultants will strengthen the emerging basin planning and management in the Federal Republic of Nepal with a specific focus on the Bagmati (sub) basin
  4. consultants will support BRMO for planning and management procedures to build on the new water resources policy of 2020 and draft water resources act.
  5. Support the Emerging Sub Basin organization in Bagmati River through practical training modules on the basis of structured basin planning and forecasting
  6. functioning and upgrading of tools for basin management
  7. support to the installation and functionality of IT equipment and networking procured under the Bagmati River Basin Improvement Project