Operational Policy and Practices

- TMS knows that satisfied clients are essential for its own sustained success. TMS, therefore, is committed to clients’ vital interest, above and beyond any other.
- TMS practices a mode of consultancy marked by appreciative, close and transparent client-consultant relationship based on client’s ownership and co-realization of the Terms of Reference (ToR) and consultant’s responsibility for competence, objectivity, quality outputs and delivery as per service agreement entered into in good faith.
- TMS strives for pleasant, open, accessible and cooperative “dealing” with also other interested parties or stakeholders, “based on mutual respect, faith, trust and dignity.
- TMS upholds independence with shared interdependence as a basic principle of professional practice. In interpreting contract document, the guiding principles for TMS is that all parties to the contract discharge their respective duties and enjoy their respective rights as set down in the contract documents and the generally accepted international business principles and practices.
- TMS follows a policy of applying professional knowledge, skills, expertise and care of its team members toward completing clients’ assignments with full sense of professional objectivity and responsibility for the quality of works undertaken.
- TMS professes and fosters among its staff members a positive work culture i.e. an attitude and behavior of Challenge-Acceptance, Conscientiousness,     Discipline, Efficiency, Energy, Excellence, Focus, Frugality, Imagination, Learning, Ownership, Persistence, Proaction, Resourcefulness and Self-Sacrifice.
- TMS agrees, independently and in advance, fees and remunerations that are reasonable and commensurate with the responsibility it accepts and the   services it delivers.
- TMS is committed to the Code of Ethics of the Nepal Engineers’ Association (NEA), the Society of Consulting Architectural & Engineering Firms (SCAEF), the Management Association of Nepal (MAN) and the Project Management Association of Nepal (PMAN).
- TMS advocates and strives for good governance and is committed for adherence to the Integrity and/or Anti- Corruption Policy of Government and International Development Agencies/Bodies.