TMS Edge

Human Resources Pool
TMS maintains an up to date consultant resource inventory of senior experts with proven professional management experience in various sectors and specialties of development

TMS develops and maintains a core of staffs trained and experienced in various fields of engineering and development management, including the use of advanced and customized ICT applications.

The dynamic permanent professional staffs of TMS are well versed in developing and implementing consultancy service projects in various development sectors. The blend of the knowledge of senior consultants and young professionals has created an effective and potent human resource base.

Technology Support
TMS’s services are enhanced by its access to advanced technology. Use of latest information technology tools has enabled TMS to achieve higher degree of performance.

TMS has access to High bandwidth for internet connection.With the satellite services available at its own end, TMS can prompt to action using its broadband and faster connectivity.

Advanced Software – most of TMS’s projects are best delivered due to prompt accessibility with advanced software.
To top it all, most of TMS technical staff are computer engineers and have high degree of knowledge in developing and running IT applications.

International Network

TMS works with internationally renowned consulting partners with experience in various fields and sectors.

TMS’s intensive collaboration with its international partners contributes to excelling high quality standards, ethical practices protection, and most of all, development of a strong professionalism of international and national consultants working together in true professional spirit.

TMS has a record of extensive collaboration with many international consultant firms and non-profit organizations of high repute in various fields of development agriculture, education, engineering, infrastructure, environment, hydro-power, water supply etc.

Multifarious Client

TMS has acquired experience of great value of working with a variety of Government as well as Non Government Organizations both in various development sectors at both national and local level.

TMS has been providing specialized quality consulting services to the Government Ministries, Departments, Districts Development Committees, Autonomous Bodies, Associations, INGOs, NGOs and International Development Agencies, Bilateral and Multilateral Donor Organizations.

Over the years, TMS has recognized the development needs of these organizations and contributed conscientiously to providing solutions and advice.

Multi-Donor Experience
Having worked extensively in large scale projects involving multi-donors and multi-partners, TMS has acquired valuable direct experience in the priority approach, modality and practices of different bilateral as well as multilateral donor organizations like The World Bank Group, Asian Development Bank (ADB), DFID (UK AID), DANIDA, SDC, FINIDA, UN Agencies.

Aware of the standards of quality outputs required and expected by bilateral and multilateral development assistance donor agencies, TMS strives to consistently align its quality management system to meeting not only clients and funding agencies quality requirements but also legal requirements and industry standard practices.

TMS also strives to adopt international approaches and practices in its works so as to contribute to harmonization of donor priorities as well as contextualization and tailoring of donor-assisted project outputs to Nepal’s unique requirements.