Support to EIA Study for proposed Arun – III Hydro Electric Project (900 MW) in Nepal


Funding Agency: SJVNL, India
Client: WAPCOS Limited, India
Date: Apr 2010 – Dec 2011

Arun-III H.E. Project is a run-of-the river scheme, located on the River Arun in Sankhuwasabha of eastern Nepal. The installed capacity of the project is 900MW (4×225 MW) using 4 units of Francis Turbine with capacity of 225 MW each. The annual energy of the project is 3684.31 GWh. The design head is 283.m and discharge of project is 343.42 Cumecs. The project consists of Concrete Gravity Dam with the height of 68m and length of 197.3 m, the Circular type Head Race Tunnel with 11.74 km length and 9.5m Dia, and underground type powerhouse.

Overall Services provided by firm:

TMS is responsible for undertaking all the following activities as part of the EIA study of the Arun project including providing overall support in the preparation, submission and approval of EIA Report of Arun III HEP:

  1. Conducting Air Quality, Water Quality and Soil Monitoring Tests with different parameters for three seasons.
  2. Conducting Surveys for field data collection:
  3. Biological:
    1. Terrestrial Ecological Survey (Flora and Fauna) in the study area; ii) Aquatic Ecological Survey in the study area.
  4. Social:
    1. Socio-economic profile of project areas; ii) Socio-economic survey of project affected families; iii) Public consultations and public hearing in project affected areas.
  5. Involvement in preparation, submission and approval of scoping document and TOR of the EIA;
  6. Conducting necessary presentation, public consultation and public hearing;

To co-ordinate, liaison and defend the project with concern ministries and Government Institutes.