Consulting Services for Construction Supervision of Improvement/Widening of Nagdhunga-Naubise-Mugling Road and Bridges


Funding Agency: World Bank
Client: Department of Road, Nepal
Date: April 2022 – July 2030

The Naghunga - Naubise – Mugling (NNM) is a 95 km Road and part of the Birgunj – Kathmandu (276 KM) road which is the most important trade corridor. The government intends to improve the NNM road including widening/improvement and new construction/maintenance of 2-lane Bridges under the Strategic Road Connectivity and Trade Improvement Project (SRCTIP).

The main objective of the consultancy services is to carry out Construction Supervision of the Naghunga – Naubise - Mugling road and bridge works including an environmental and social management plan, health and safety plan, and other environment and social-related plans, resettlement implementation support, relocation of utility services, quality management, and all aspects of contracts as “ Engineer” for the implementation of civil works contracts including Construction and 5 years Maintenance Phase.

To fulfill the objectives, the main scope of work is:

A.       Construction Supervision Phase

  • Review and verify the design and make necessary changes to suit the site condition
  • Construction supervision of 3 contracts i.e. 1. Nagdhunga - Naubise- 12.3 km, 2. Naubise - Malekhu- 43.5 km, and Malekhu – Mugling road – 38.9 km and 3. bridges, 21 new bridge construction and maintenance of Existing bridges.
  • Complete Contract management for construction supervision and contract administration under FIDIC conditions.
  • Conduct regular supervision, monitoring, and reporting of social and environmental aspects which includes Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), Indigenous People Development Plan (IPDP), Environmental and Social Commitment Palns (ESCP), Labor Management Procedure (LMP), Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP), and Gender-based Violence (GBV) Action Plan and other environment and social-related plans.
  • Ensure the necessary traffic management plan is in place before the commencement of specific road and bridge construction work.
  • Support the client team to develop a communication plan consistent with the Stakeholder Engagement plan and coordinate with the local stakeholders, organizations and institutions, traffic police, and road users for the purpose of implementation of the project activities.
  • Design suitable traffic safety features and road furniture including traffic signals, and signs. Markings crash barriers etc.

B.       Maintenance Phase

  • Upon completion of the work, carry out an inspection of the completed section and recommend to the client the dates of completion
  • Inspection of satisfactory completion of environmental and social mitigation works.
  • Carry out a thorough inspection of rectification works, and supervision of routine, recurrent, specific, and emergency maintenance work as per the provision of civil works contracts during the 1-year defect Notification period and 4-year maintenance period.
  • Prepare monitoring and evaluation reports in a format acceptable to the client and World Bank. Assist client in preparing consolidated Project  
  • Completion Report.
  • Issue a certificate of Final Acceptance after the completion of the Maintenance period.