Feasibility and IEE studies of 5.Chadu Khola; 6.Rupgad Khola 7. Loti Karnali


Funding Agency: Government of Nepal
Client: Department of Electricity Development (DoED), Nepal
Date: July 2016 – Jan 2019

DOED intends to procure services of domestic consulting firms to conduct feasibility study and Environmental Study (IEE/EIA) of small and medium hydropower projects using government funds. The main objective of the consulting services is to conduct feasibility study and IEE study,of the Hydropwer projects, prepare study report covering technical technical, financial, socio economic, institutional, environmental and all other relevant aspects of project development.

The project is located in Melchham VDC of Humla Distric. The project site is accessible through Kolti Bajura Via Plane, road or walking. The project is identified as a RoR project of design discharge 4 m3/s with gross head of 260 m at an installed capacity of 10 MW. The headwork consists of diversion weir, intake and gravel trap structure followed by connecting canal to desander. The discharge from the desander is conceptualized to be transmitted to the powerhouse through headrace pipe/tunnel and penstrock.

Actual Service provided by the firms are as following:

A. Feasibility Study

  1. Survey work, Design and Drawing Preparation, Quantity and cost estimates preparation
  2. Collect, review of the previous study reports, manuals, standards, guidelines, legislations, policies & plan maps, drawings etc.
  3. Conduct desk study and preliminary reconnaissance survey, analyze the available data and identify data gap of previous study & recommend the further additional study needed to prepare report
  4. Compile, analyze outcome of filed survey and investigation, examine alternative configuration of project management
  5. Prepare and establish design criteria for the design of all major project components and associated structures as per recognized best practices and applicable standards
  6. Conduct feasibility study of the access road, project road, bridges and cross drainage structures
  7. Prepare construction plan / schedule and project implementation plan
  8. Conduct economic and financial analysis including sensitivity and risk analysis
  9. Utilize the recommendation of IEE report in feasibility study and recommendation of feasibility study in IEE report
  10. Detail study and field reconnaissance
  11. Land acquisition and property acquisition survey
  12. Transmission line survey
  13. Road survey
  14. Conduct engineering field survey and field investigation for:
  • Topographical surveys including L-section & X-section survey
  • Communication surveys
  • Alignment surveys
  • Constructions materials surveys and testing, Test pitting and trenching
  • Geological, Geophysical study, Geotechnical Study and Mapping
  • Sesmological / Seismicity Studies
  • Climate change study
  • Muck disposal study
  • Power evacuation survey
  • Construction labor survey and camp facilities

B. Initial Environmental Examination Study

  1. Preparation of TOR Report
  2. Preparation of IEE Reports
  3. Determination of potential Impact
  4. Analysis of Alternatives
  5. Development of an Environmental Management Plan and Mitigation Measures:
  6. Environmental Monitoring
  7. Assist in Inter-Agency Co-coordinator and Public Participation
  8. Analysis, Optimization and Engineering design
  9. Construction Planning and Scheduling
  10. Quantity Estimates and Cost Estimates
  11. Project Evaluation
  12. Prepare Contract Module