Feasibility Survey, Design Cost Estimate and Construction Schedule Preparation of Kharekhola Small Hydro Access Road Project


Funding Agency: PLAN International
Clients: Butwal Power Company Limited
Date:  Aug 2005 – Sep 2005

The Feasibility Survey, Design and Cost Estimate of Kharekhola Access Road was performed by TMS under the guidelines of the TOR issued by BPC. The major tasks performed were:

  • Survey work:
  1. Three probable alternative alignment selection
  2. Corridor survey for preparation of Topographic Map of the best alignment
  3. Horizontal Alignment Survey
  4. Vertical Alignment Survey
  5. Benchmark and Reference Points establishment
  6. Cross Section Parameters
  7. Hydrological survey for designing cross drains and side drains
  8. Geological survey for designing a safe and stable road
  9. Socio economic survey for cost benefit analysis
  10. Material survey
  • Design and Drawing Preparation:
  1. Design of horizontal and vertical alignments
  2. Contour Generation of the corridor
  3. Design of cross sections, cross drainage and side drainage structures
  4. Design of retaining structures
  5. Design of Pavement materials
  • Quantity and cost estimates preparation
  • Quantity of the works to be done as well as total labour and material was calculated.
  • Cost of the over all project was carried out using standard DoLIDAR Norms and district rates.

Overall Services provided by firm:

  1. Feasibility study of three alternative routes
  2. Detail contour survey of the best alignment
  3. Survey and design of horizontal, vertical and Cross section elements using Land Development ( Softdesk 8.0)
  4. Construction schedule preparation using Microsoft Project
  5. Cost Estimate Preparation using DoLIDAR norms and District Rates.