Tamakoshi - Kathmandu 220/400 KV Transmission Line Project (ESSD-03-2074/075) (Loan 2808/ Grant 0270/ Grant 0271)


Funding Agency: Government of Nepal
Client: Nepal Electricity Authority
Date: Jan 2019 – Jan 2022 

This transmission line project is located in the Middle mountain and hilly reason of Nepal. In this Tamakoshi Kathmandu 220/400 Kb transmission line project 4 rural municipalities and 7 municipalities of 4 districts are taken of IIE studies. The total length transmission line is 99.36 Km. The TL of Khimti Barhabise Section Starts from the substation at Manthali Municipality (Former Phulasi VDC) of Ramechhap District and Immediately enters into Melung Rural Municipality of Dolakha District, the alignment passes through 2 Rural Municipalities and 2 Municipalities fall under section.

Similarly, the TL of the Barhabise-Kathmandu section starts from the substation at Barhabise Municipality of Sindhupalchowk District. The alignment passes through 2 Rural Municipality (Balephi and Indrawati) naad 2 Municipality (Barhabise and Chautara  Sangachowkgadhi) of Sindhulpalchowk, one Municipality (Changunarayan) of Bhaktapur and one Municipality (Madandeupur) of Kavrepalanchowk, one municipality (Changunarayan) of Bhaktapur and one Municipality (Shankarpur) of Kathmandu District, altogether 4 Rural Municipality and 7 Municipality of 4 District (Shindhulpachowk, Kavrepalanchowk, Bhaktapur and Kathmandu) are taken for IEE Study. Similarly, 132KV TL from Changunarayan Substation will be connected to Tower no. 014 SS-M (Duwakot) through 4 KM four circuit line named as a looped outline.

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) is Implementing the Electricity Transmission Expansion and Supply Improvement Project (Loan 2808/ Grant 0270/ Grant 0271) with the financial assistance from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The project includes other sub-projects Tamakoshi-Kathmandu 220/400 KV transmission line project (Project). The project scoped includes the following:

a)      Tamakoshi (New Khemti) – Barhabise 220/400 KV Transmission Line

b)      Barhabise substation and bay extension at New Khimti substation

c)      Barhabise Kathmandu 220/400 KV and 132 KV Transmission Line

The substation at Labsiphedi (Bhojini) and Changunarayan.

Overall Services provided:

The major scope of work of the consultant shall be updated of environmental and social safeguard documents prepared for the project, implement environment and social measures mentioned in documents, compliance and impact monitoring, propose additional measures if required, assist project for grievances handling, implementation of resettlement plan and other safeguard issues consolidate field data and prepare periodic environmental and social safeguard reports. The detail of the scope of work is given below:

1.     Review and update the environmental and social safeguards documents

2.     Prepare a Plan for Implementation of the activities mentioned in IEE/EMP and RP documents

3.     Implementation of environmental and Social mitigation measures

·       Forest management and Capacity Building Training

·       Training for the cultivation of NTFP under the ROW

·       Conservation awareness raising (Forest, Wildlife and Biodiversity)

·       Forest-based Income generation and entrepreneurship training

·       Orientation workshop to concerned DFO staffs

·       Vegetable Farming training

·       Mushroom farming Training

·       Livestock Training Program

·       Fishery Training Program

·       Micro Enterprises creation training  

·       Skill development training

·       Social awareness program

·       Occupational safety training

·       Health and Sanitation Program

4.     Refreshment, Daily Allowance and Logistic Supports

5.     Public Consultation and household survey

6.     Environmental and social safeguards filed monitoring        

·       Grievances management and Information Disclosure

Assist Project for compliance of safeguards activities to be implemented by the projects.