Geotechnical Investigation (Borehole drilling) for Madi Storage Hydropower Project (156 MW)


Funding Agency: Power China, Sinohydro Bureau 6 Co. Ltd.
Client: Nepal Electricity Authority
Date: December 2019 – March 2020

The project area is located between 730 m and 2500 m above mean sea level in the middle reach of Madi River of Rolpa District of Province No. 5 of Nepal.

Project Features:

  • Catchment Area - 990 km2
  • Installed Capacity - 156.0 MW
  • Gross Head - 217.0 m
  • Net Head - 208.0 m
  • Design Discharge - 90.0 m3/s
  • Dam Type - Rock Fill
  • Dam Height - 170.0 m
  • Powerhouse - Surface

Overall Services provided:

TMS provided local logistics and project management support. Services being provided by TMS were in the areas of hydropower design, geological works, and social development.

However, TMS was involved in the following activities (supporting role):

Geotechnical Investigation:

A.       Mobilization/ demobilization of drill rig site

B.       Construction of Manual transportation of rig to Borehole Area

C.       Platform construction

D.       NQ Drilling in overburdened material with Casing and in bedrocks- 160m

E.       In-Situ Testing

 Approximate Cost of the Project: Around $39 Million.