TA 4492 - Nepal Power System Master Plan


Funding Agency/Client: Asian Development Bank
Date:  Aug 2008 – Oct 2008

The main project task were:

  1. Review current approach to power system planning;
  2. Assess potential energy sources in short and long term and estimate investment and operating costs under expansion scenarios and identify a preferred generation development strategy;
  3. Investigate existing hydropower plants efficiency;
  4. Conduct workshops and training;
  5. Prepare a staged transmission development program to deliver forecast power demand to load centers;
  6. Prepare a 10 year demand forecast;
  7. Estimate average cost of supply;
  8. Model and analyze the distribution and transmission networks;
  9. Prepare 5 year capital works plans for transmission and distribution;
  10. Review existing plans, reports and policy regarding hydropower development in Nepal;
  11. Prepare a staged, least cost, long term hydropower development program with estimated costs

Overall Services provide

TMS provided project management and technical expertise in hydropower and distribution area for preparing Power System Master Plan for Nepal.