Conceptual Design of Sanitary Landfill Site (Regional Solid Waste Management Project)


Funding Agency: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Client: Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland / Ministry of Local Development, Nepal
Date:  May 2012- July 2012

The Government of Nepal and the Government of Finland jointly launched the Regional Solid Waste Management Project (RWMP) in Sunsari and Morang Districts, Nepal. The main purpose of the project was to establish a sustainable and regional municipal waste management system in the project area that result in the improvement of sanitary living condition in the urban areas of these two districts.

The three project components were: 1) Regional SWM infrastructure development (including the construction of the landfill); 2) Waste Management operation and financial system; and 3) Environmental Sustainability and public participation.

Biratnagar Municipality purchased 17 ha land from Dangraha VDC in Morang for construction of sanitary landfill in 2011. RWMP financed topographical survey by LIDAR scanning at site. A 3D- model was prepared from the scanning data and it is the base of this conceptual design. A conceptual design of the landfill site was necessary which will be a base for the detailed design, preliminary cost estimation and a part of EIA report also.